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How to: Use 1080p Resolution on Windows 10 Insider Preview - VirtualBox

Pro Insider Preview Technical Preview Build 9926 Build 10074

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Posted 02 May 2015 - 07:34 PM

When you first install the Windows 10 Insider Preview in VirtualBox, it will be stuck using the default resolution. Normally, to use higher resolutions, you could just install the guest editions. Unfortunatley, this does not work on the technical preview. Now, to use a custom resolution like 1920 x 1080p resolution, you have to do the following. 


Find the name of the VM


First, make sure that the virtual machine is powered off. Then, on the host machine, open up the terminal/command prompt. We can then use the following command to view the name of each virtual machine we have on our system. 

VBoxManage list vms

On Linux, it may look something like this 

[wilson18@Nightfury ~]$ VBoxManage list vms
"CentOS 7 Default" {3598915f-f49a-4842-b4d7-5161d83ab057}
"Windows 7 Default" {b9f46681-d39c-473a-9554-455dd9c5e381}
"FoCS" {05625ec5-0eac-428d-bda9-6248747b8139}
"Windows8Default" {a2f13c48-e81a-4c1b-be28-7d618170b727}
"Windows 10 Demo (upgrade from win7)" {ee78f6e3-ed68-4d92-9bad-aff6200bd21e}
"W7Sandbox" {b71229b5-f09c-4749-a29a-27a130385519}

And on Windows, like this

C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox>VBoxManage.exe list vms
"CBVM_3" {c4625704-1199-46b2-a65f-c4261cf0da21}
"CBVM_4" {08e0fac4-e506-41ec-a837-dcbd986814a6}
"CBVM_5" {8969ea2c-b9e1-485e-b3ec-ec7c350dbe4c}
"CBVM_0-Controler" {86e705c7-347b-4741-88e7-d9094a557bcd}
"CBVM_1" {f9ddf46c-2bc4-491a-9e4e-a778a9091d6d}
"CBVM_2" {a87a78d2-6241-4785-afcb-caafb7d5d417}
"NightfuryDemoVM" {e42c8d0c-a5a9-49da-ae28-894273b6343b}
"Starlight" {5a54053e-635d-4915-9052-7aadcbfab3c7}
"Windowsuser1" {44888885-222a-4fa6-bdb8-0ac1381521ab}
"Whitestar" {55326a5d-1228-4abb-bf85-e92388281600}
"Win10Demo" {d5538a45-92af-4d92-83db-dded99d49a34}

Getting VBoxManage to work on Windows 


If on Windows you get an error saying it cant find VBoxManage, you will need to navigate to the installation directory. I navigated to mine with 


cd C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox

The above command should now work. If it doesnt, you may need to add .exe so it looks like VBoxManage.exe 


Changing the Resolution


Again, make sure the machine is still powered off. You can now run the following command to change the resolution. Just make sure to change the "VMName" and the resolution at the end to meet your requirements. 

VBoxManage setextradata "VMName" CustomVideoMode1 1920x1080x32

After this, you can then power up your VM, right click the desktop and select Screen Resolution. Now, just alter the resolution to the one you entered. 


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